Heroes (A Story)

Hello! I’m writing a story with many chapters about different heroes!! I hope you like it!

Chapter 1 – Miraculous Ladybug – Part 1

Once upon a time Marinette Dupeng-Cheng had just woken up for her first day at college. She hasn’t received her powers yet. Her parents had baked macaroons for her class.

When she was running, she saw an elderly man who was walking across the road and a car was going to crash into him. She made sure he was safe and lent him a helping hand to cross the road. Some macaroons fell down when she was helping him.

Just before Marinette left, the elderly man discreetly slipped a box into her backpack. He smiled and thought that the gods made that incident a serendipity.

When Marinette reached her college, she saw that Chloe was sitting in her old seat. “Chloe I used to sit there!” she said. Their college was in their old class.

“New year, new place!” Chloe smirked.

“And there is a new student, Adrien Agreste. He will be sitting ahead of this seat, so go sit next to the new girl.” Chloe added.

Marinette went to the new girl and sat next to her.

“Hey girl! What’s your name?” asked the new girl.

“Hi! My name is Marinette! But everyone calls me Mari! What about yours?”

“My name is Alya!” replied Alya.

In that college, to know each other better, the first years always had a sleepover in a hotel. The class was having a sleepover like always.

When Mari was alone, she opened her backpack. She saw the box which the elderly man had put in her bag. She was surprised and out of curiosity, she opened it. A Kwami flied out and said “My name is Tikki!”

Mari was shocked and speechless. She saw a pair of earrings in the box.

“The pair of earrings you see are no ordinary earrings! It gives you powers! Just say ‘Tikki, spots on!'” said Tikki.

“W-what?!” exclaimed Mari, who had finally found her voice.

They heard a knock on the door. “I’ll tell you everything later!” Tikki exclaimed and hid.

Alya and the rest of the class came in and got ready to sleep. Mari dismissed the incident as her imagination.

The next day, when Adrien saw Mari for the first time, he felt a kind of connection to her. Ms Bustier, the class teacher told Mari to sit next to Adrien. When they took their seats, Adrien was over the moon because he could sit next to the girl he felt a connection to. He asked Mari for her name. She told him her name and they both paid attention to class.

I hope you liked this part! Renee helped me in it too! Next part coming soon!

Bye be miraculous..

Q ‘n’ A With Renee!

Hello all! This is my second post!! I did a collaboration with Renee! We asked each other questions about ourselves. I hope you like this!

Renee’s Answers

1. What is my favorite colour?


2. Who is my favorite cartoon charecter is?


3. Which state I was born?

Madhya Pradesh.

4. What is my favorite song?

Miraculous Ladybug.

5. Am I tech-savvy?


Wow Renee! You got 4/5! We really know each other well!

Check out my answers to her questions in her post!

My First Post!!!

Hi! So, in my blog, I’ll be unleashing my imagination!!! My journey begins here!! Renee is helping me. She’s right beside me now!! That’s right, Renee and I are neighbours!!!

I hope you like my blog, thank you in advance!!